The exhibition and conference for boat and ship maintenance and repair technologies and services

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The only exhibition and conference in the world that is 100% dedicated to showcasing marine maintenance and repair technologies, tools, spare parts, techniques and concepts.

  • Hull blasting/cleaning equipment
  • Hull coatings
  • Spare parts component suppliers
  • Hull inspection equipment
  • Ultrasonic testing equipment
  • Non-destructive testing equipment
  • Boat-lifting equipment
  • Dry dock tools and equipment
  • Underwater ship inspection surveys
  • Underwater repair technology
  • Marine engine maintenance equipment
  • Maintenance of marine engine control systems
  • Marine transmission maintenance systems
  • Predictive maintenance systems
  • Engine and oil analysis equipment
  • Wear particle indicators
  • Vibration analysis systems
  • On-ship/onboard visual monitoring display equipment
  • Bow stem slamming and strain monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Ship maintenance software
  • Lifeboat maintenance systems
  • Ship repair specialists from around the world
  • Hydraulic analysis, coolant analysis, and other fluid analysis
  • Wet/underwater welding
  • Propeller polishing equipment
  • Wireless handheld inventory monitors
  • Marine monitoring and control platforms
  • Integrated platform management systems
  • Load cells
  • Mooring tension monitoring systems
  • Hull stress monitoring equipment
  • Tow load monitoring, mooring load monitoring, jetty management monitoring systems
  • Mooring load monitoring and analysis equipment
  • Marine equipment status monitoring and control systems
  • Salinometers
  • Marine monitoring and control hardware
  • Marine monitoring and control software
  • Fleet management systems
  • Alarm monitoring equipment
  • Power maintenance systems/electrical maintenance systems

Exhibition Opening Times

Wednesday 27 June
10:30hrs - 18:00hrs

Thursday 28 June
10:30hrs - 19:00hrs*

Friday 29 June
10:00hrs - 16:00hrs

* free drinks party from 17:30hrs to 19:00hrs

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2018 Speakers Announced

Marco Cristoforo Camporeale

Vice President - Intelligent Asset Management

Richard Beckett

Survey regulations and procedures manager

Dr Abdul Rahim

managing director

Kevin Brunn

head of business development and innovation

Bart De Moor

marketing and sales representative

David Chaderton

technical application engineer

Christopher Jones

product manager

Larry Rumbol

marine condition monitoring manager

Dipl Ing Martin Abart

product manager

Hans Speksnijder

product manager

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2017 Show Report

Marine Maintenance World Expo Conference returns to Amsterdam for second successful year

Marine Maintenance World Expo and Conference (MMWE), which was once again staged alongside Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo at the RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 6-8 June, has been heralded by visitors, delegates, exhibitors and speakers alike as an extremely valuable, informative and rewarding event of huge value to anyone interested in discovering the latest industry innovations, user experiences, case studies and best practices.

The 2017 conference boasted more than 40 expert speakers representing asset owners, classification societies, academia and leading suppliers, while the surrounding exhibition provided attendees with an intimate opportunity to discover, test and review a wide range of exciting new maintenance technology applications first hand, covering everything from the industry’s first collision-tolerant inspection drone, through to the latest intuitive condition monitoring software, as well as a wide range of maintenance and repair solutions designed with increased efficiency and fleet availability in mind.

Full Review

Venue Information

Venue Address

Hall 12
RAI Amsterdam
1078 GZ Amsterdam

Venue Website

Opening Times

Wednesday 27 June
10:30hrs - 18:00hrs

Thursday 28 June
10:30hrs - 19:00hrs*

*free drinks party from 17:30hrs to 19:00hrs

Friday 29 June
10:00hrs - 16:00hrs


27-29 June 2018



June 2018


Future Show: Marine Maintenance World Expo 2019, 25-27 June 2019, Hall 11, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Future Show: Marine Maintenance World Expo 2020, 23-25 June 2020, Hall 11, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands